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The Nose Pinch

Just a little teaser for my new readers to introduce my writing.  Most of my stories are much longer...


She was a submissive, and had been trading messages with Him for a little while, mostly to relieve the boredom of work.  Then the message had come in one morning.

"Saw your repost of the girl being held down, the guy with his hand over her mouth and nose - very hot!

Can you imagine doing this as Sir watches you, holding your mouth shut?  He waits until you get close, then squeezes his thumb down on your nose, restricting the amount of air you can take with each breath. He whispers, "You have a minute until I squeeze your nose the rest of the way.  Either cum, or pass out....."

Your fingers speed up, your breath whistles with each intake.  You moan against his hand.  You press your clit hard, forcing it against your public bone.  You are close when he whispers, "Time's up!" and his strong fingers pinch off your nose...."

Her nipples get hard as she reads his post.  With shaky hands, she replies:


"Holy crap!!!

I want my Sir to do that... To feel His hot breath on my neck and face as tells me to cum for Him...

His strong hands, His powerful voice - even in a whisper... 

I'm pressing my thighs together, circling my hips in my seat.  My pussy lips overlapping each other, my wetness between them feel like tiny bubbles popping against my skin, but magnified.... Reading this over and over :)

He gets the reply, and smiles.  His guess was correct, she IS into breath play, or at least curious.  Pushing his luck, he responds back:

...she reads to the end of the snippet again. "Time's up!"

Her thighs clenched, hips rocking in that age old dance, wetness increasing, her heat also.

"Time's up!"

She closes her eyes, imagining herself laid back in his strong arms pinning back an arm, immobilizing her.  

"Time's up!"

She can almost hear Sir's voice.  It's not loud, it's not mean, but experience has taught her, he means business!

Opening her eyes, she quickly takes in her surroundings.  She doesn't want to get caught, but the images - the feelings have her soaked.

She slips her fingers under her panties - so hot.

She starts rubbing quickly - needing more heat to put out this fire.

She is right there.  She closes her eyes again. 

"Time's up!"

Her other hand reaches up, covers her mouth and nose just like he would.

Her fingers become a blur, trying to crest before her air is exhausted.

The hand over her mouth holds in the gasps and moans as she builds, builds.

Flashes of imaginary light dance behind her eyelids as her body demands another breath, but her fingers remain pinched over her nose.

Her diaphragm tries to pull in fresh air, adding to the body motions of her churning hips.  Her chair squeaks as she pushes herself over the edge.

Her fingers relax and she takes that first, blessed breath.

Her body slowly unclenches, her pounding heart slows.

She stares unseeing at the wall.

So powerful, so hot.

But inherently not fully satisfying.

The little voice inside her head whispers, "You would have let go to take a breath."

"...But he wouldn't."

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